• A New Age Platform For

    International Functional English Scholastic Test 2019

  • A New Age Platform For

    English Language And Personality Development

  • Write and Speak English Fluently.

    Demonstrate Confidence and Improved Personality

    In 3 Months. Guaranteed.

Why Edge-Pro ?

  1. One Platform For Three Skills: Written English, Spoken English, and Personality Development.
  2. Globally Recognized Certification- CEFR
  3. Self-paced Guided Study and Practice
  4. Globally Certified Coaches
  5. Experiential Coach Led Sessions Additional
  6. Highest Return on Investment. Guaranteed.


Start by practicing listening to a global speaker of english, leading to sub-conscious familiarization with language and getting finer details accurate.


Comprehend by listening and watching various interactive multimedia, thereby learning the language neuro-linguistically, like native speakers.


Personality boosting activities like debates, group discussions, extempore, etc. offer a platform to test the learning acquired through the system.


Success is measured objectively, by CEFR assessment at the beginning, middle and end of the course. CEFR Scores and Certificates are globally recognized.

What we do

Edge Pro guarantees improvement in learners' over all personality, including a measurable improvement in their written and spoken English fluency within 3 months of regular practice. We combine Computer-led-practice with ideal amount of intervention through experiential coach-led-sessions, which enable a learner to practice writing and speaking English for 30 – 45 minutes every day. And, implement the acquired skills by participating in the activities conducted by the coach in the coach-led sessions. Thereby, becoming more confident by the day.


We facilitate personality development and coach English as a skill, enabling students to be confident, speak fluently and think spontaneously

Complete Teacher Training Support

We ensure that every coach is trained and certified before starting a batch, in order to ensure results regardless of demography


Upon the successful completion of the course, we certify each student with a CEFR Score [Common European Framework of Reference for Languages] which is recognized and valued world-wide.


Skill Acquisition requires different efforts than Knowledge Acquisition.
Skills Acquisition = Knowledge + Practice (Application of Knowledge) + Personalized Feedback + Repetition

In any instructor-led session regardless of the expertise of the instructor, it's nearly impossible to create practice opportunities for all the learners simultaneously. And, if we do, we spend separate time for different students, making the rest of the batch wait and observe passively, wasting the valuable time of learners which could also be utilized in active participation or practice.

Edge-Pro solves this problem by creating a license based digital platform that utilizes technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Speech Recognition and Analytics to facilitate one-to-one practice for each student separately, on a computer in the language lab. This system analyses the practice and performance trend for each student and shares their unique feedback with them. The students learn by regular practice and feedback.

Then the coach puts the students in challenging situations through experiential activities like Debates, Extempore, Group Discussions, etc. in the batch, thereby testing their acquired skills in the real competitive world. Thereafter, the coach shares personalized feedback with each learner to improve themselves. This blend of computer as well as coach led sessions raises the skills of each student, which is finally assessed and measured objectively through the globally recognized CEF [Common European Framework of Reference for Language] Assessment.

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